Saturday, March 3, 2012

saturday pinterest love

My inspiration this week has been very black and blue - lots of sombre darks paired with bright colors. Quite the departure from the pastels of last week.

1. trippy denim - is it a little obvious that I'm obsessed with denim this week? I love the wash and patches on this pair, and the structure of the back of that shirt is amazing.

2. flower and banner tattoo - very similar to last week's tattoo inspiration...maybe my brain is trying to tell me something?

3. fabulous short hair - though it does not flatter my face (believe me, I've tried) I've always wanted and admired amazing short hair.

4. camera strap diy - super cute and much better than walking around as a Nikon billboard.

5. smart people talking about smart books - everyone I talk to wishes they read more, perhaps this list is good incentive!

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